Venice 2021 Architecture Biennial

European Culture Center. Time Space Existence Exhibition. From 22.05.21 to 21.11.21

Project produced for Cacao Cinema & LOD Laliving and Opr Design

Quantified Community is a body tracking installation project created to have a better understanding of users behaviour in architectural spaces. The installation points out the intricate relationship between data consumption and data production, offering an immersive experience through a realtime user constructed data environment

Through different indoor body tracking systems, placed in the room during the exhibition, the installation generates data by measuring users’ position and velocity variations in space

A Kinect camera system allows the installation to capture and process the user’s motion data. The VR headset internal sensors and inputs are quantified as interactions with the environment. In the Co-Building Hong Kong workshop, users transform their phones into positioning beacons using a mobile App for indoor tracking.

This real space data is used by the installation to build a mirrored virtual space in which users can visualize the data representation of their own behaviour in real time

Users can be inside and interact with this virtual space in first person, using a VR device, and following a guided experience.  Or, on a screen projection, users can visualize the virtual space from a third person character’s point of view, whose movements respond to the average calculation of the tracked user’s behavior in the room

Co-Building workshop

Hong Kong

Time Space Existence exhibition


My Competences

As part of cacao cinema’s team

Project Management

  • Concept development: from Client needs to executional ideas. Installation concept development from a discursive and technical approach
  • Technical research: concept integration of different tracking technologies in a single installation
  • User experience strategy: conceive and design an autonomous 6 month Multi Device installation for a massive audience
  • Multidisciplinary production team configuration
  • Team execution coordination
  • Iterative workflow planning, from functional prototype to release version

Creativity & Art direction

  • Level Design for a guided experience
  • Data visualization with an immersive environment aesthetics   
  • Modular environment concept design for a sustainable replicable project 

Project assets concept, creation and implementation

  • Completely optimized 3D models creation  
  • Animated and interactive shaders design and creation 
  • Texture for abstract stylized and realistic assets 
  • Rigging and Animation for 3D assets
  • 2D and 3D User Interface design and animations for data visualization 
  • Lighting concept for a complete unlit environment
  • Particles System Niagara design 

Marketing content creation

  • Fix render and Cinematic Sequence capture from engine project

Technical support

  • Coordinating project technical requirements with Biennial technical team
  • Installation assembly in situ
With the invaluable collaboration of Pablo Rey & Gabriela Pittari as lead programmers