Merry Christmas Madrid

Interactive Video Mapping projected over the Madrid city-hall facade as part of the 2020 city’s christmas public events

Project produced for Cacao Cinema & Onionlab

From mid December to early January Madrid’s citizens were able to interact in real time with their city christmas public decoration. Through their mobile phones or computers they edited five different Christmas scenes with customisable items: Play with roller coaster toys, make wishes, add characters to a crib, decorate christmas trees, write letters to wise men…

from 2D mockup to interactive realtime 3d render scene

My Competences

As part of cacao cinema’s team

Project Management for Multidisciplinary team

  • Plan and coordinate team’s iterative workflow: Flexibly, apply iterative workflow criteria to creative teams with different workflow backgrounds
  • Create and transmit workflow guidelines for team members to adapt 3D assets, textures and animations to real time render engine optimization standards. Also, adapt real time rendering workflow to video mapping projection technical needs
  • Ensure correct assets project’s functionality, as breach between programmers and 3D artists

Project assets Implementation

  • Reproduce Art Direction vision in completely functional scenes
  • Configure and apply assets iterations in project from different team members
  • Configure easy to adapt assets to video mapping projection needs (e.g. street environment lighting condition), to ensure the correct content visibility in situ
  • Shaders, Particle Systems, lighting creation and implementation