Conrado Pittari Volcán (Caracas, 1983). Currently live and work in Madrid, Spain.


I’m a generalist artist with proficiency in 2D and 3D design, concept art, hard surface and organic modeling, shader creation and understanding of Physically Based Rendering systems, texturing and uv mapping, lighting and visual effects, particle systems, rigging and animation, physics simulations and dynamics, with basic knowledge developing in C# and Blueprints for Unity and Unreal Engine respectively. As a team thinker, I create completely functional assets with deep attention for detail, following direction guidelines or developing pipelines, workflow tools and methods., currently using data management software (Perforce).


      • 2018: Master’s degree in Video game and Virtual Reality development – Official of Unity Engine. CICE, Professional School of New Technologies. Madrid, Spain.
      • 2018: Master’s degree in 3D design for Video game and Virtual Reality – Official of Autodesk. CICE, Professional School of New Technologies. Madrid, Spain.
      • 2010: Degree in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain. Graduate with honours ( award-winning for academic expedient).
      • 2004: Technical degree in illustration and Design. Escola Superior d’Art y Disseny Serra i Abella. Barcelona, Spain.


      • 2019 – At present. Instructor at CICE ( Professional School of New Technologies. Madrid, Spain) of the Master in 3D design for video games. official of Autodesk
        • Competence:
          • I’m responsible for teaching the entire master content (3Ds Max Modeling, Zbrush, Rigging, Animation, UVs, Texturing, PBR materials, Shaders, Substance Painter. Particle Systems, Landscape, Cinematics, Lighting, Visual effects,  User Interface, and BluePrints in Unreal Engine)

      • 2018 – 2019. 3D Artist / Generalist at Immersive Interactive, Madrid, Spain
        • Competence:
          • Develop, document and support art pipelines and techniques used by the production teams on projects
          • 3D Assets modeling, shading, texturing for Unreal Marketplace
          • VR Info-architecture: Modeling, shading, texturing and lighting environments in Unreal Engine, optimized for compile in VR and Mobile applications.
          • UI design


    • Unity Engine
    • Unreal Engine
    • Visual Studio
    • 3D Max
    • Zbrush
    • Substance Painter
    • Cinema 4D
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Procreate
    • Indesign
    • Final Cut
    • Perforce