Interactivity Development Toolkit

A customisable template for creating Virtual Reality & Standalone Archviz experiences

Project developed for Cacao Cinema / Published Nov 2021 in Unreal Engine Marketplace

Toolkit Features

  • Interactive Brochure: Access extra information data of the project
  • Room Information: Individual data from specific spaces in a route
  • Design Options: Iteration across different preset actors configurations
  • Materials / Colors Palette Options: iteration through objects material configurations
  • Systems Visualization: Unveil hidden elements, i.e.: building’s water pipes
  • Environmental variation: Travel between two levels, i.e.: Day or night
  • Teleport: Teleport to different areas of the level

Content Example

A Project Based on Farnsworth House

The Content Example project is a base project, a template on which developers can create their own projects. Both the development project and its assets work regardless of the platform it is running on (VR, Standalone). Specific Data Assets are used to easily manage and store common information. 

Hight Quality 3D Assets

Toolkit Interactive Documentation

My Competences

As part of cacao cinema’s team

Project Management 

  • Protocol design for toolkit’s internal use
  • 3D asset workflow creation
  • Guidelines for creating and maintaining internal asset libraries
  • Coaching team members in the implementation of the toolkit
  • Project planning & execution: from an internal use tool to a standalone commercial product
  • Iterative workflow planning for product production: from functional prototype to release version
  • Project development ensuring Unreal Engine Marketplace’s publishing standards

Creativity & Art direction

  • Toolkit functionality concept creation: An inside engine replicable workflow design
  • User Experience design 
  • VR and Standalone User Interface elements: 2D & 3D concept design
  • Toolkit Documentation concept and design: template usage, a step by step guideline protocol 

Project Implementation: Artistic and technical Development approach

  • Content Example project creation and implementation
  • 3D Models, Textures and Shaders creation and implementation
  • Rigging and Animation creation and implementation
  • 2D and 3D User Interface assets creation and implementation
  • Environment creation and implementation
  • VFX 
  • Lighting

Project Sealing: Marketing content creation

  • Fix render and Cinematic Sequence capture from engine project
  • Toolkit branding integration
  • Parallel’s logo design and brand identity guidelines

Project technical support

  • After-sales service: online technical support